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Welcome to the Wilson Hill Works blog!

My vision for the Wilson Hill Works blog is to share parts of my life about which I am most passionate.

First of all, this includes how I use planners as organization tools. And I will also give product reviews. I enjoy using many different kinds planners, stickers, pens, paper, and all things planner related.

I have other interests to share with you, too! So I will also write about my experiences as a homesteader and homeschooler. We try to have a natural lifestyle and enjoy living in a rural setting. As I come across resources and tips, I will share those!

As books are another passion of mine, I will also share about my life as a book lover. This includes sharing books I’ve discovered and how I’ve found them.

Lastly, I have an innate desire to travel. I relish experiencing new sights, smells, tastes, and experiences that can only be found outside of my normal routine.

Please be aware that the content on this blog will most likely originate on my Youtube Channel and on my Instagram account so be sure to find me there.