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How I Use the Big Happy Planner for Homeschool Lesson Planning and Memory-Keeping

As we approach the end of our homeschool year and gear up on planning for next year, I am sharing how to use the Big Happy Planner for homeschool lesson planning and memory-keeping.

There is a video on my Youtube channel about this so please be sure to check it out! Also, I am going to do a ‘Plan With Me’ video series this summer to show how I plan out our year using the Big Happy Planner so be sure to subscribe to this blog or to my youtube channel to follow along!

[Disclosure: This is an affiliate link which means that (at no additional cost to you, of course!) sales made through these links could benefit my family.]

Supplies I Use

  • The Big Happy Planner is my favorite Homeschool Planner.
  • The Deluxe Cover is great for on-the-go to store applicable bits for the month and year.
  • I use Mildliners to show visual separation of students with different tasks for a subject.
  • The Coleto 5 – with a mechanical pencil and eraser in two of the barrels – is key!
  • I use a Tape Runner for adhesive needs.
  • I use a paper cutter for cutting needs.
  • I stick Post-It Notes on the front cover so I’m never without a post-it.
  • I use the Big Happy Planner Folders to store functional stickers and reward stickers.
  • As we finish out the year, I currently have stickers from the following Etsy shops:

Planner Mania

All Day Every Day Mom

The Classy Planner

Mr. and Mrs. Mint


It’s Paper Dear

  • I have felt clips from the following Etsy shops:

The Happy Marigold (Tiffany has much more than clips!)

The BookNook Patch

  • For tracking attendance, I use a free Academic Year printable from My Joy Filled Life.
  • For trips, I use a free Field Trip Planning printable from Cindy Downes.

Resources I Use

  • When planning out our full year in the month of July, I use the Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise to map out the framework.
  • I incorporate Cindy Rollin’s ideas on Morning Time.
  • I use Sarah Mackenzi’s ideas from Read Aloud Revival for reading selections.
  • I incorporate memory-keeping by using the Diptic app to combine 4 photos from my phone into one 4×4 image.
  • I order free photos each month from Free Prints app (please consider using wworks3 if asked about a referral code for bonus prints) or Snapfish app (although there is a shipping charge typically between $8-$9).
Resources and Big Happy Planner for lesson planning
These are some of the resources I use to Lesson Plan in the Big Happy Planner.

If you’d like to hear more about our blend of philosophies and how we implement them, please comment below!

Lesson Planning and Memory-Keeping

I decorate the Monthly Spread with washi tape and a blend of functional and seasonal stickers. I often pencil in the plans we have but don’t solidify anything with pen or stickers until the plans have actually come to fruition. In this way, I can combine lesson planning (future planning) with memory-keeping (implementation of the plan).

Big Happy Planner Monthly Spread for memory-keeping
Here is a Monthly Spread in the Big Happy Planner (for memory-keeping and decorative purposes).

I also incorporate the general schedule of our two “spines” for the year – history and science – in the Monthly Spread. This helps when coordinating unit studies more specifically in the Weekly Spread. All I have to do is flip back to the Monthly Spread to remember the Unit Study framework for a particular week during that month.

The Weekly Spread is a much more detailed plan that breaks out daily tasks in time chunks. Each subject is broken down as far as exactly what needs to be done (page numbers, workbook lesson numbers, links to videos, book titles, activities, etc.). When I affix the photos, we do a curriculum or field trip review, or whatever is applicable. So the process of memory-keeping becomes a fun review technique as well!

Big Happy Planner Weekly Spread for lesson planning
Here is a Weekly Spread in the Big Happy Planner (for lesson planning and implementation purposes).

If you have any questions, please comment below!

Until next time…Keep Planning!